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What does it mean to exist in complex relationships with machines? What insights can be offered to our understandings of these relationships by the theologically significant theme of ‘love’? What critical assessments can be made of our multiple uses of technologies in shaping our futures, by reflecting on our pasts?

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Disquiet over the prevalence of social and economic individualism has a long history. In a world of mobile Capital and increasingly mobile people, communities of common tradition and locality appear to be under threat from the advent of a fragmented market society. Are these complaints against individualism justified? And crucially, how should Christians respond to them? Digging down into the substance of these questions, this project will consider the theological, liturgical and scriptural resources Christians have for understanding the notion of individualism in relation to issues of education, public life and the formation of democratic citizenship.


2014 Ferguson Lecturer Announced

The 2014 Samuel Ferguson lecturer will be David Fergusson FBA, FRSE, Professor of Divinity and Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh.
The lecture wil take place on Thursday,  6th March 2014, 4-5.30 pm at the University of Manchester.
Title and venue to be announced.




Tenable from 1 October 2013 (or as soon as possible thereafter), LTI is delighted to announce this position of post doctoral research associate (two years). Further information, and details of how to apply, may be found here. The deadline for applications is 13 September 2013.


Publication of paper in new issue of Practical Theology

A paper by Susannah Cornwall drawing on research carried out as part of the Intersex, Identity, Disability: Issues for Public Policy, Healthcare and the Church project will appear in the new issue of Practical Theology. The full details are:

Cornwall, Susannah (2013), "British Intersex Christians' Accounts of Intersex Identity, Christian Identity and Church Experience", Practical Theology 6.2, 220-236

This paper includes excerpts from interviews with intersex Christians in Britain which took place during 2012 as part of the project.



Together for the common good: conference, 6-8 September 2013

For more details about this conference, please click here.



Dr Michael Hoelzl speaks at this Symposium, to be held on 22-23 July 2013 at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

For more information, please click here.


Lincoln Theological Institute Work-in-Progress Meeting

Researchers associated with the Lincoln Theological Institute met at the University of Manchester on Monday 1st July for a work-in-progress afternoon.

Susannah Cornwall, LTI postdoctoral research associate, reported on the work of the Intersex, Identity, Disability project, including the production of four briefing papers, and the forthcoming publication of papers in Theology and Practical Theology drawing on her interviews with intersex Christians in Britain.

John Rodwell, LTI honorary research fellow, shared progress on the book forthcoming from the Belonging and Heimat project, entitled At Home in the Future: Place and Belonging in a Changing Europe. He also discussed other work in progress, including his leading of a workshop for DEFRA to consider overlaps between spiritual and aesthetic accounts of place and environment.

Anne Marie Sowerbutts, LTI honorary research fellow and leader of The Common Good project, shared developments arising from the project among community groups in Wythenshawe, including discussions about provision for elderly people, leading to the convening of a local support and friendship group. Anne Marie also noted the recent publication of her paper in Christian Bioethics 18.2 entitled "Germ-line Genetic Engineering in Light of the Theology of Marriage", and her work with a group of Carmelites.

LTI honorary research fellow Paul Vallely shared updates on his own work, including the forthcoming publication of his biography of Pope Francis (Pope Francis: Untying the Knots, Bloomsbury, August 2013), and his involvement with the development of an MA in Theology, Media and Communication at the University of Chester.

LTI students Charlie Pemberton, Rohan Gideon and Scott Midson gave updates on their PhD projects: a theological critique of Christian charities' work with homeless people; a developing account of agency in Child Theologies in India; and a theology of the cyborg.

LTI Director Peter Scott reported on the work of other LTI projects, including Systematic Theology in a Changing Climate (a multi-authored systematic theology of climate change); the ongoing conferences in the A Shaking of the Foundations? Reconsidering Civil Society strand, including Churches, Communities and Society (25th-26th October 2013); and the launch of a new project, Theology, Plurality and Society.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Director Scott commented: "It's been great to review the range and depth of the work going on at LTI--some truly remarkable theological work is going on here, and I'm delighted by these achievements."