New book: Theology and Civil Society
December 12, 2017

Former LTI PhD student Charles Pemberton has recently publsihed an edited collection as part of the Routledge Studies in Religion Series. Titled Theology and Civil Society, the book features an interesting collection of essays that emerged from an LTI conference held in March 2015 that Charles also organised, 'Between Theology and the Political'. 

Essays in the volume explore a range of topics from food banks to migrant welcome committees, and community organisers to internet based campaigners. Theology and Civil Society advances our understanding of what civil society is and offers a theologically informed re-imagining of our shared social life. This is a pertinent topic for contemporary society, and it is explored expertly here by an international panel of contributors. As such, it is an important volume for any scholar of Theology and Religious Studies and their interactions with Sociology and Politics. It also features a foreword by Rev. Dr Rowan Williams. 

The book is available on Amazon

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