Future Ethics in Leeds Civic Hall
May 16, 2011

On March 16 the LTI Future Ethics project came to Leeds for a specially designed day workshop for 14-16 year old Religious Education students, coinciding with national R.E. Week. Commissioned by the Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education and the City Council in Leeds, entitled "Imagining the Future, Acting in the Present: a day of debate and reflection on climate change, ethics and belief" took place on March 16 in the Civic Hall Chambers of Leeds City Council, led by Stefan Skrimshire.

Using material developed during the LTI project for a younger audience was a challenging and rewarding experience, and a huge success: throughout the day students debated, listened, and took on role-plays reflecting the different ways that the future is imagined in the context of climate change according to social background, faith, and identities.

For a full report from the day, click here

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