Briefing Paper: Intersex Conditions (DSDs) and Pastoral Care
June 28, 2012

The first of the Briefing Papers on intersex and Christian theology from the Intersex, Identity and Disability project is now available to download. This paper is entitled "Intersex Conditions (DSDs) and Pastoral Care: A Guide for Healthcare Chaplains, Ministers and Pastoral Carers".

It forms part of a series of resources on intersex conditions and Christian theology produced by Dr Susannah Cornwall at the Lincoln Theological Institute. It is designed particularly for people concerned with the pastoral and spiritual care of people with intersex conditions/DSDs and the families of intersex children - for example, Christian ministers, and those who work in healthcare chaplaincy.

Two leaflets intended for chaplains to use with the parents of children born with intersex conditions/DSDs form appendices to the paper, and are also available to download separately from the project's Resources page. One of these, "You Knit Me Together In My Mother's Womb", is for use with Christian families. The other, "A Precious Creation", is for use with families of other faiths.

These resources are freely available to download as PDF files. You may also download, print and distribute the leaflets, but if you do so you are asked to e-mail to help us keep track of where the leaflets are being used. You are also asked to check for updates to the leaflets during the active life of the project (2011-14) and to ensure you are using the most recent versions available.

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